Motorized Activities

With the vastness of the territory on land and at sea, some activities are done in motor vehicles:

La Route Blanche (” The White Road”)

The  ” Route Blanche  ” (White Road) is a snowmobile trail primarily intended to facilitate winter travel for the residents of the Lower North Shore. It is also the only continuous land link between Natashquan (Pointe-Parent) and Blanc-Sablon. This vast territory, part of which borders the shore of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, is not connected to the rest of Quebec by road. During the winter, the Ministère des Transports maintains the White Road, a nearly 525 km snowmobile trail between Natashquan (Pointe-Parent) and Blanc-Sablon. In winter, the route of the white road may vary depending on obstacles (rivers and lakes) and weather conditions.

  • Kegaska – Unamen Shipu: 58 km
  • Unamen Shipu – Chevery: 97 km

Zodiac Tours

Our community has this 7-passenger zodiac with a crew trained in safety at sea. We offer and will offer the following expeditions:

With the zodiac and Innu guides, three (3) routes:

  • 6 hours to the West, traditional lobster fishing package (2018)
  • 8 hours to the East in the archipelago (2019)
  • 3 days in the East with primitive camping on Ouapitagon Island (2020)
bateau peche

Motor Boat Tour on Wachicoutai Lake

By ATV  and by motor boat, including a picnic between the Lakes.